Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer catering ?

The Blankenbaker offers catering services for all types of events from full buffet meals to appetizers. Ask to see our package pricing where you can find all-inclusive deals that comprise of catering cost, facility rental, and more. 

What is your alcohol policy?

We allow the host of any event to provide an open bar that may be served from our bar area. All alcohol must be served from the bar by our approved bartender to serve your guests. Please remember that BYOB events are NOT permitted.  There is no exception to this policy. Cash bars are permitted through a licensed and insured bar tending service. 

Do you require an Insurance policy?

Event insurance is not required but is strongly suggested. This can sometimes be obtained through your homeowner's insurance, but there are also other companies that provide this service. It is relatively inexpensive for a $1,000,000 one-day coverage and will cover you and your guests in the event of any problems that may arise as a result of the festivities.

Do you offer decor items?

The Blankenbaker offers several different decor items from centerpieces to chair covers and everything in between. Ask us about our decor as a package or a la carte. 

The Blankenbaker also offers a clean and classic look so our clients can make the space their own. Feel free to bring your own decor and create a space to match your vision. Please keep in mind that certain items of decor are NOT permitted: confetti, glitter, sparklers, birdseed, flower petals, and other decor of this type.

What AV equipment do you offer?

Both main rooms within our facility accommodate HDMI connections to your portable device. Our larger space, the Blankenbaker Room, offers a drop-down screen and projector, a separate audio system and two hand-held microphones. Our Bluegrass Room offers dual TV monitors that project from a single connection and a separate audio system.

Basic Policies

Make our space your own...

We love to see the creations of decor come alive within our facility and invite all manner of design and layout. Ice sculptures and bounce castles have come to our facility in the form of beautiful and imaginative events. Please keep in mind that glitter, and confetti are strictly prohibited and will result in an additional cleaning fee. Any banners or signed must be hung with painter's tape or removable strips. All items must be hung from wall space and may not be adhered to wall decor, windows, or window treatments. 

Allow us to make your set up easy...

Blankenbaker staff will set up provided tables and chairs into your desired layout. Staff will confirm a preferred layout with each client 30 days prior to the event date. Changes can be made to the proposal up until the day of your event. We offer round banquet tables, rectangular and pub-style tables, as well as accessory pieces that can be added at no additional cost.

We will have the space prepared when each client arrives to finalize the space with personal decor. The Blankenbaker also offers decor items of all types and will set up any rented items along with the desired layout.