Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with each room?

All rooms include tables & chairs 

AV Equipment 

Water, Coffee & Ice Tea

Do you offer catering or can I bring my own food?

We have several catering options that can be included with your room rental (excludes large dinners and weddings).

You are welcome to use a caterer or food vendor of your choice (vendor must provide copy of Health Dept Certificate and Proof of Insurance).

You are welcome to bring your own food.

Is there an on-site kitchen?

We have a prep and staging kitchen for you or your caterer to use.

Cooking is not allowed.

Kitchen must be wiped down and free of any food & garbage at the end of your event.

What is your alcohol policy?

If alcohol is being served you will need to:

     Hire our APPROVED licensed bartender to serve guest.


Do you require an Insurance policy?

We require that you have an insurance policy (“Special Events Insurance”) naming The Blankenbaker as an additional insured that will cover you in case there are any unexpected incidents. This can sometimes be obtained through your homeowners insurance, but there are also other companies that provide this service. It is relatively inexpensive for a $1,000,000 one-day coverage.

Do you allow confetti, sparklers, bird seed, flower petals, etc. to be thrown at the event?

 We do not allow any celebratory activity of this manner inside or outside the building.